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Attracting THE ONE for You


You could stop the struggle of meeting all the wrong men in the dating world and simply attract THE ONE for You ?


You could completely love yourself for who you are and have someone else love you for the person you are too?


You were full of clarity about the man you wanted in your life, so you could tell from a mile off if someone wasn't for you?


Would all your Christmas' have come at once?

Hi There,

I am Beck Thompson and I say you can have it all.

and it can be EASY!

The thing is YOU are an INCREDIBLE human being who is worthy of the most passionate, romantic and fun LOVE there is out there and you are completely capable of attracting it into your life.

This is not about what has happened in the past or even who you were in the past, all of that was perfect for the time and NOW you are on your path to LOVE, REAL LOVE, PASSIONATE LOVE AND TRUE LOVE.

All you need is the skills and tools to know exactly HOW to bring this partner into your life and the KNOWING that you can do it (and you can)

The Course Logistics:

  • 12 weeks of powerful, purposeful and transformational self-study material
  • 1 x 30 minute coaching session with your Relationship Coach, Beck Thompson
  • Downloadable worksheets and videos to support the transformation of your life and relationships.
  • An exclusive and private online support group on Facebook*
  • 1 x weekly group coaching call to answer your questions, offer personalised suggestions and support, and provide any additional training or information that will allow you to Attract THE ONE for You into your life.

*PLEASE NOTE* The private Facebook group is provided with the intention of creating a safe space for you and other participants to open up and get the most out of this program. Asking questions and offering support is highly recommended.

Who is Beck Thompson?

Beck Thompson is a Relationship Coach and the owner and founder of The Relationship Circle - a no BS relationship coaching that digs deep, gets to the truth and supports you in creating new behaviours and patterns that re-energise and revitalise yourself and your relationship as well as create resilience – reconnecting strong bonds that make you feel whole again.

She believes that when life throws you curve balls, you need to dig deep, face the true issues and get real strategies that work now. Whether you’re looking for love, in the first-year relationship blues, stumbling through moving into together, getting married, the first few years of having kids, or them leaving home, life’s relationship circle can sometimes be rough and you may need a little help along the way.

Working with individuals or couples she supports you to uncover the real issues and find strategies to reconnect and build relationship resilience. She can help you find your way to a more loving, compassionate relationship that remains true through any of life’s storms.

Drawing on over 10 years in counselling, social work and life coaching, Beck’s no nonsense, deep approach seeks to understand what’s happening for you and your partner now.   Beck works with you to identify the issues and change behaviour patterns for each person in a compassionate and loving way which allows you to find your way back to yourself and each other. With honesty, openness and support, Beck will help you re-establish strong bonds that can endure life’s challenges.  

What is expected of those who join this course?

All that is required is that you give 100% commitment to making a conscious change within yourself and your relationship and take full responsibility for your efforts.

Your investment:

 $997 (AUD)

***VIP PACKAGE: Which includes everything above, PLUS 4 x 1:1 coaching sessions with your Relationship Coach, Beck Thompson.

Your VIP investment? Only $1997.

Wouldn’t you agree that today is the best day to make a change for your life?



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